A New World Order’s Tax System

Café Moi

Let’s redesign world taxes.

People leave their own country and live in other countries, purely for economic gain. Lifestyles, safety, health care, opportunity, or whatever else does not count. They are un-American. Who in their right mind would emigrate to some Scandinavian country simply to eat cold-water fish and enjoy free healthcare and an excess of well-endowed, blonde women? And given today’s sexual leanings, I don’t think I am being sexually biased.

Money drives America’s treatment of its expatriates, people like me who have lived abroad for decades. It only cares about my money, not me. But I am not going to rant about that, not today. I am going to propose a re-designation of world taxation policies, an alignment of all countries’ tax policies to align with America’s. I will not be overly specific but will make assumptions as follows

Assumptions: All country tax rates, policies, and deductions are…

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