Birthday Beauty: 10 Cool Characters Played By Rachel McAdams (GIFS)

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wenn20629163Rachel McAdams may be one of the most iconic movie stars of our time.

She helped exposed the drama of the high school social scene as Queen Bee Regina George, and showed most of us what it looks like to fall deep in love as young Ally in the Notebook.

She’s cute, clever, and not to mention she can rock any hair color from ginger to brunette. Let’s celebrate Rachel’s 36th birthday with a list of our favorite characters of hers. Check it out below to see if one of yours have made the list:

Obviously, she stole our hearts (and our man!) as rich girl Ally in The Notebook.

She graced the screen as cutie Claire Cleary in Wedding Crashers.

mcadamzShe probably would’ve broken the internet as Mean Girls’ Regina George in her slutty bunny Halloween costume.

mcadamAlthough she suffered memory loss as Paige in The Vow, she made us…

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