Optimist or realist?


Eva Wesselink, 6 years old, my teacher asked the amazig big question on my 6th birthday:
‘What do you want to be when you’re bigger?’
I screamed, full of excitement: HORSE RIDING TEACHER!!!!!
Eva Wesselink, 9 years old, same question.
Eva Wesselink, 12 years old, same question.
‘Mom, dad, I wanna be an actress’

And there it stopped. That was my dream. I thought about it, and I knew it for sure. I want to be an actress. The years flew by and I kept dreaming. I collected everything that had to do with movies and acting. I became obsessed over Pirates of the caribbean. I bought English books that taught me how to break through in the movie industry.
My mom and dad thought it was some kind of fase, they thought that I would grow over it. Every girl wanted to be an…

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