The curious case of Dumb Selfies!


Let’s face it, we’re all obsessed with social media. Whether we’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snap Chat the fad has taken over and of course everyone can’t help but post selfies on all forms of social media. Selfies becoming a raging trend is no new fact, but one cannot completely ignore the plethora of annoying, silly and absolutely pointless selfies that people throw on to others to take a look at. To highlight this phenomenon Culture Machine Digital Video Entertainment Company has come up with a new video titled ‘Dumb Selfie Anonymous’ on Being Indian.

Set in a highly fictitious yet extremely relatable concept, the video is a comical take on a hypothetical therapy group in a session for people addicted to take Dumb Selfies. Set within a meeting of this imaginary group, the video has many variants of people confessing their heinous crime of having clicked some really dumb…

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