Jennifer Farrell – Beverly Hills, CA


Jennifer Farrell is the ghost of a beautiful and sexy movie star (Ann Jillian) whose spirit still roamed her Beverly Hills mansion on the NBC fantasy sitcom JENNIFER SLEPT HERE (1983-1984).

Jennifer died in 1978 while running to catch an ice cream truck. Unfortunately, just as she reached the truck, it backed up and killed her.

A few year later, New York lawyer George Elliot (Brandon Maggart), who was handling Jennifer’s estate moved into Jennifer’s mansion at 32 Rexford Drive with his wife, Susan (Georgia Engel) and their children, Joey (John P. Navin, Jr.) and daughter, Marilyn (Mya Akerling).

Soon Jennifer learned to tolerate her live-in guests and eventually she revealed herself to their teenage son, Joey and began to help him adjust to life in California. But Jennifer would only appear to Joey.


As friends, they occasionally helped each other out of predicaments. So when Joey wanted to scare…

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